A “high performance building” is what we create!

Creating a comfortable environment using optimized HVAC systems design and equipment (energy efficiency and air quality), Zero Square Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. helps make better buildings for people and the environment.


Welcome to Zero Square Energy Solutions

Zero Square Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides design, implementation and maintenance services for HVAC Systems and Building Automation in new construction and existing buildings. Our Integrated Systems Approach (ISA) TM helps our customers reduce the overall use of HVAC energy systems by using the power of microprocessors to work in sync with various sub systems (ie. indoor/ ambient air, chilled and condenser water). Our experienced team of HVAC engineers are able to provide an expert design and build approach for air conditioning solutions for varied business vertical segments. We undertake turnkey air conditioning projects for commercial offices, hospitals, hotels, industries (clean rooms), and the hospitality segment.

Our Projects


Why us

Building Energy Systems

We help you optimize your building energy systems, using the power of integrated technology to create a high performance building.

Energy Efficient Building Solutions

We, as a turnkey design and build contracting firm with a highly professional team of HVAC systems engineers and control systems engineers, provide expertise in energy efficient building solutions.

Cost Efficient

We offer the best cost efficient system addressing initial costs and life cycle costs.

After Sales Service

Our after sales service is our strength and our value added services, like solar rooftops, improving operating parameters for air conditioning systems help our customers constantly reduce their energy costs.




Energy Consumption Towards Zero

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When your company's logo is your commitment value

The logo of the company shows the five elements or tattvas which are sky/ aether or aakash; water or jal; air, wind or vayu; earth or prithvi; fire or agni; and, together, they symbolize all the elements interconnected and existing as a part of the creational ecosystem or whole. At Zero Square Energy Solutions, we respect these vital elements and continuously strive towards zero energy consumption of buildings.
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When reducing energy consumption is important in the corporate world

By our better design, we improve HVAC energy systems efficiency.  When energy consumption is reduced (GPM/TR), we  indirectly or directly help reduce the volume of water (jal) that goes into the condensers and the cooling towers.
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When making your system energy efficient reduces your carbon footprint

We create energy efficient HVAC systems (lowest IKW/TR) and integrate air conditioning systems with grid-tie roof-top solar systems to offset fossil fuel energy consumption, thereby reducing the earth’s (prithvi) carbon footprint, which in turn lowers emissions, helping our sky (aakash) remain less polluted.
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When creating a comfortable building environment enhances health and productivity

Using optimized fresh air (vayu)  intake and controlled number of air changes, we produce better indoor air quality (IAQ), creating a comfortable environment conducive to health and productivity.

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