1. Energy Management Solutions for HVAC and BMS Systems Designs
  2. Energy Audits & Energy Modeling
  3. Data Management Services
  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems
  • Building Automation, Home Automation, Fire Alarm and CCTV Systems

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems

  • Turnkey projects of HVAC and Refrigeration systems

  • Regular Operation & Maintenance of the HVAC systems.

  • Annual and On-call maintenance.

  • Re-commissioning and Retro-commissioning.

  • Training services for HVAC and Refrigeration systems.

Building Automation, Home Automation, Fire Alarm and CCTV Systems

  • Building and Home Automation system.

  • Fire Alarm and CCTV Systems

  • Demand Side Management and Demand Response

We also provide Solar Power through a unique business model where the solar modules are installed on the users’ rooftops and other unproductive areas for free. The end user will only pay for every unit of power that is generated from the solar generating station.

We provide the following array of solar power plants for residential and commercial applications:

On Grid System

The on-grid solar photovoltaic system is connected to a utility power grid. A grid connection will allow you  to save more money with net metering and lower equipment and installation costs.

Off Grid System

The off-grid or standalone photovoltaic system is  when your solar photovoltaic system is not  connected to the utility grid and you are producing  your own electricity through a solar plant. These  systems will generally have a battery bank in order  to store electricity for use when needed.

Hybrid Grid System

A Hybrid solar system combines the best from  grid-tied and off-grid solar systems. These systems  can either be described as off-grid solar with utility  backup power,or grid-tied solar with extra battery storage.