Zero Square Energy Solutions provides design, implementation and maintenance services of HVAC Systems, Building Automation and Home Automation Systems, Fire Alarm and CCTV Systems in new construction and existing buildings. Our integrated systems approach helps our customers reduce the overall use of energy. At Zero Square  Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd., we help you optimize each sub-system of your building energy system and using the power of integrated technology help you create High Performance Building. We are turnkey design and build contracting firm with highly professional  team of  HVAC systems engineers and   Control systems engineers to provide energy efficient solutions.

Our Ambitious Goals

  1. To create net zero buildings.

  2. To make existing buildings a high performance building with latest technology retrofits.

  3. To be a service provider for smart cities.


The company was formed in 2014 as an entrepreneurial venture of Pankaj Gupta with aim to achieve near zero energy consumption of building through a combination of highly efficient building systems technologies and Integrated   building management systems applications as a Design and Build Contracting Company.

Core Working Areas

  • HVAC system designing and implementation.
  • Integrated building management systems including fire and security systems.
  • Renewable energy systems – Rooftops